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Rate A Tweet By Tweeterate


Do you know how useful, funny or lousy about your tweets? Let Tweeterate tell you.

Tweeterate is a comfortable twitter frontend, where you can rate the tweets of your friends as useful, funny or lousy. Every useful or funny rating counts for the overall useful/funny charts.

Tweeterat has the following functions:

Rate tweets of your friends useful, funny or lousy
See a toplist of your most annoying friends
See how others rated you
Easily hide annoying friends from your timeline
Easily unfollow friends when "enough is enough"
Get a comfortable twitter frontend (e.g. show original text of replied tweets)

If others rated you, you can see the ratings on the top right side of your home page. If some users gave you a "yellow card" (hide your tweets from their timeline) you can see it there, too. (You can't see who rated you)

BTW,Though you need at least 10 followers to rate tweets useful or funny.

It's funny,Ye?


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