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Backup twitter with RSS reader

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With regard to the need for backup twitter, My previous article already mentioned, and now to log in twitter page directly is more and more difficult in china, and even turning the great fire wall. The use of the client is prone to throw to push the phenomenon, so, the backup becomes even more important.

Backup twitter with RSS Reader is the most simple and effective way, and directly to the twitter address (if http://twitter.com/wangyueblog) thrown into the reader, you can push himself issued a non-leak the preservation of down, of course, if you are so chatter, then your reader is not reading it will be considerable.

However, this method can only subscribe to push issued, if you want to push the Friends of @ reply and retweet for all subscriptions, you can subscribe to search results approach. In the twitter search up your own user name, and then address can subscribe by reader.

If pushed very difficult, you can refer to this address http://search.twitter.com/search?q = wangyueblog (will wangyueblog into your own twitter user name).

Mentioned above, using subscribe to search results the way to back up twitter, In fact, this method also can have more uses.

The most widely used is the access to information, twitter voluminous information on each time to search is not only cumbersome but also over the mountains. Why not be the information you need to search results directly to do with the RSS reader Subscribe?

For example, I need to get twitter on about "WordPress theme" in the article, then the search results http://search.twitter.com/search?q=wordpress+theme can subscribe by reader.

And so on, Google's search results can also subscribe by reader.

Warning: Do not do too much, too many subscribe to search results could cause readers flooded with spam messages.

update: If your reader supports user name and password, you can http:// [username]: [password] @ twitter.com / statuses / replies / [username]. rss format subscription twitter @ reply.


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