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Another twitter style theme for WordPress

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"Retweet" is a free wordpress theme which designed by a chinese blogger Sinvan.It is a twitter like theme and it have all styles that twitter have.You can modify it like your twitter by theme option page.It is very stylish, widget supported and doesn’t require any plugin.

Related tags:
2 columns, fixed width, support Widget, nested comments, background options, custom color.

Theme version:
0.9.9 (20,090,825)

Support version:
WordPress 2.7 or later

Theme Download:
Official Directory

Test Validation:
By IE6/7/8, Firefox3.5, Opera 9, Safari 4, and Chrome 3.0 browser to test, through the
XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 3 certification.

Main functions:

Support Wordpress2.7 nested message, separation and calculate the number of comments and TB.
Titles, abstracts SEO.
Comment Form Auto-save, keyboard shortcuts for comment.
Modify the browser the title of the published comments on the user welcome message.
Two kinds of browse mode, suitable for wide-screen, the background mode can be set to default browser, and save the reader through the cookie settings.
Support Chinese and English.
Support custom Feed address without the need to replace the theme.
Description of the background set the home page, content pages automatically.
The default background with five kinds of styles and patterns.
Set the background color of the background theme pictures.
Background Set Bulletin Board.
Twitter updates, and background set to display all entries, blank display the latest articles.
Set whether to use Logo background image.
Set the background to use rounded border.
The background can be opened @ reply feature. (New)
Support the rel = "external" pop-up a new window, and better meet the W3C standards.
The page automatically display commonly used bookmarks Bookmarklet.
Subject Language:
This version supports English and Simplified Chinese, in which English is the default setting.
To use the English version of Simplified Chinese, please perform the following steps (Wordpress Chinese users do not need this step):

Open the WordPress root directory of the file wp-config.php
Find define ( 'WPLANG',''); and be revised as define ( 'WPLANG', 'zh_CN');
Installation Method:

Upload retweet directory to the wordpress's / wp-content/theme / directory.
Wordpress into the background, in appearance - the theme, select Retweet and open.
In appearance - "Retweet Options" page to set the theme styles.
Open the blog to see results.


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