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Tweetsum: batch manage your Twitter Followers


Twitter is a very good tool to communicate, it is convenient to use a variety of ways and to communicate with their friends, but also have trouble using Twitter is that Follow your people too much, you do not know Should Follow Back, because of Twitter itself does not provide bulk Followers management functions, and thus to first determine whether it is worth people Follow the Follow Back very troublesome. Today the introduction Tweetsum can solve this trouble, Tweetsum slogan is "Digest your followers", that is to digest your Folowers. Use Tweetsum, at a page you can put my Followers above and Following, convenient to carry out or Unfollow etc. Follow Back.

Use Tweetsum need to use the Twitter user name and password, for the landing after the above interface, the left one as recently Follow your users are between a user Follow yourself, Follow the right side are the people you do not want to, you can put the first column and the second column do not like people go into the third column. All of the Twitter user's information next to a percentile, which is calculated Tweetsum a Twitter user's DBI (Douche Bag Index), the higher the score, the more people that make this person (annoying), personal understanding of the users are more active :)

Twitter user name click the question mark to view this user's basic information, Follow quantity and quantity, etc. Follow. You can from these basic information to determine whether people recognize this, such as whether or not Follow Back.
Video Introduction:

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